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Agile Practices

Agile Development is not a set of rules. In fact, Agile Development is not even a way of developing software. Agile Development is a set of principles with a mission that we call the Agile Manifesto of Software Development. You can't DO Agile, but you can BE Agile. To be Agile, you have to adopt the mindset and the principles of Agile, but you also have to implement one or more of the known frameworks (for example, Scrum) and various practices and/or patterns that reflect or enable the Agile mindset and principles. On this page we have attempted to capture links to many of the common frameworks, concepts and practices. Many of these links stay right here on the Artisan Software Consulting web site (because there are many practices that are very poorly documented out there and we've worked hard to capture the intent of the practice to help you avoid getting bad advice); some links go right to the original source. Enjoy (and, if you find any broken links, please let us know)!!


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